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Power of the clave

I went to JazzSi, the music club of Taller de la Musica in Barcelona, last night for Descarga Cubana (Cuban Download/Discharge).  I was pretty excited to have found this little club (that’s known to thousands of people) with live music … Continue reading

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Would Republicans cut the minimum wage?

In his state of the union speech President Obama called for increasing the federal minimum wage. The Republicans say that’s a bad idea because it would kill jobs. They say this without offering any evidence or data to backup the … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘Moneyball’ campaign

In today’s Washington Post opinion page Marc A. Thiessen says that Obama and his campaign team used technology much more effectively than Mitt Romney and his staff did. But in the article he writes: “And letting a community organizer … Continue reading

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Bureaucracies of the world; episode two

Last week I went to the Social Security Administration office to request a reduction in my Medicare premium. I forgot to bring anything to read, so I entertained myself by making these notes: Tuesday June 19th, 2012 10:39 – I … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge Investment Strategy

I’m always seeing expert advice about how to make money in the stock market. Some experts suggest looking for ‘value’ stocks. I was going to try that approach until I realized that it was not an approach at all. What … Continue reading

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Health Care Card Process Astounds US Citizen!

I’ve been spending more time in Barcelona lately. There is a great system of shared bicycles here, called Bicing, and I’ve been using it a lot to get around the city. It’s terrific, especially late at night when it’s cool … Continue reading

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The New Workplace

A friend told me what his job is like these days. He works for a big technology company doing all sorts of projects. He says that the first thing he does every day is to check his email. And somehow, … Continue reading

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