Obama’s ‘Moneyball’ campaign

In today’s Washington Post opinion page Marc A. Thiessen says that Obama and his campaign team used technology much more effectively than Mitt Romney and his staff did.


But in the article he writes: “And letting a community organizer run a more precise, data-driven, metrics-based campaign than a Bain Capital executive is incomprehensible”

Mr. Thiessen, why do you assume the executive should do better?

Because Bain capital executives make more money than community organizers? I think we should realize by now that high income does not guarantee competence, or even intelligence.

Because CEO’s understand metrics better than other people? Obviously not, in this case.

Because technology is better understood, appreciated, and used by business people than by more humanistically oriented people? Well, the executive and his team did not even test their metrics system before putting it ‘into production’ – that is using it in the election. Every (almost) first year programming student knows the importance of testing. But the executive’s system crashed and was riddled with errors, while the community organizer’s ran brilliantly!

I’ll try and answer my own ‘why’. I think you are guilty of not thinking, of letting your bias toward capitalism impede you ability to be objective, and of being a victim of the ‘private is good and efficient; public is bad and inefficient’ myth that has infiltrated the assumptions of too many people.

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