Fitness Activity Log


  • Tues Sept 5 – 4 mile walk from Enterprise to home
  • Mon Sept 4 – Bike ride thru Haydenville, Williamsburg, Handstands and core
  • Sun Sept 3 – Zumba class at gym, Pullups, squats, handstands
  • Sat Sept 2 – Gym, weight machines, handstands
  • Thurs Aug 31 – Bike ride through Westhampton
  • Wed Aug 30 – 90 minute salsa rueda class
  • Tue Aug 29 – Gym, elliptical, core, handstands
  • Mon Aug 28 – Gym. Elliptical, upper body dumbbell workout, handstands
  • Sun Aug 27 – Gym, Zumba class, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, handstands, 90 minute rueda class
  • Sat Aug 26 – Bike ride, 22 miles, Westhampton and return via ‘back way’
  • Fri Aug 24 – Bike ride, Haydenville and Williamsburg, via dirt road
  • Thurs Aug 23 – Gym, elliptical, 10 upper body and core machines, handstands
  • Thursday Aug 17 – Bike ride thru Haydenville, handstands
  • Wed Aug 16 – Gym, elliptical, core, squats, pull-ups, handstands
  • Tues Aug 15 – Longer route bike ride thru Haydenville, WIlliamsburg
  • Tues Aug 15 -Trying to get back to posting daily!
  • Wed Aug 9 – 22 mile bike ride thru Westhampton to Huntington town line
  • Tues Aug 8 – Gym, elliptical, pull-ups, squats, handstands, core
  • Wed July 26 – Gym, 30 minutes elliptical, dumbbell upper body workout, squats, handstands
  • Tuesday July 25 – Bike ride thru Westhampton, trying to pick up the pace. Handstands.
  • Monday July 24 – Gym, elliptical, 11 machines upper body and core, handstands
  • Sunday July 23 – Walk around the triangle
  • Saturday July 22 – Walk to and around recreation fields; new personal speed record
  • Friday July 21 – Gym, elliptical, core and squats, handstands
  • Thurs July 20 – Gym, elliptical, upper body dumb bells, handstands
  • Wed July 19 – Hike/walk the Abode in New Lebanon, NY
  • Tues July 18 – Bike 16 miles thru Westhampton
  • Monday July 17 – Bike ride 20 miles thru Westhampton
  • Saturday July 15 – Gym, elliptical, squats, handstands, core
  • Friday July 14 – Gym, elliptical, core, handstands
  • Wednesday July 13 – Gym, elliptical, 12 machines, handstands
  • Monday July 10 – Gym, Elliptical, weight machines, handstands
  • Sunday July 9 – Bike ride thru Westhampton
  • Saturday July 8 – Bike ride thru Westhampton
  • Wednesday July 5 2017 – Walk to and through the Florence playing fields, community gardens, and meadow.
  • Tuesday July 4 2017 – Bike ride thru Haydenville and Williamsburg. Handstands.
  • Monday July 3 2017 – Bike ride with Larry thru Westhampton. Gym for elliptical, 16 handstands, abs.
  • Saturday July 1, 2017 – Zumba class at the Y taught by Aimee and Jocelyn; short bike ride to test new cleats and bottom bracket; handstands (lots), core exercises and pushups
  • Friday June 30 2017 – None
  • Thursday June 29, 2017 – Gym, 23-11-6 – 23 minutes elliptical, 11 weight machines, 6 handstands
  • Wed June 28, 2017 – Gym, 20-10-5 – 20 minutes aerobics, 10 weight machines, 5 handstands
  • Tuesday June 27, 2017 – Dance class
  • Monday June 26, 2017 – Bike ride to Ashfield, Conway – but mechanical trouble after just 10 miles. Had to get a ride home. Handstands.
  • Sunday June 25, 2017 – Bike ride 10 miles toward Westhampton. Had to turn back because of sudden rain and falling temperature.
  • Saturday June 24, 2017 – Bike ride 17 miles through Westhampton, handstands (not on bike)
  • Friday June 23, 2017 – Gym, elliptical and bike, handstands
  • Thursday June 22, 2017 – Bike ride 17 miles through Westhampton
  • Wednesday June 21, 2017 – Gym, elliptical and weight machines; handstands at home
  • Saturday June 17, 2017: Walk to and around Florence playing fields, about 3 miles
  • Friday June 16, 2017: Dancing
  • Thursday June 15, 2017: Bike ride 17 miles through Haydenville and Williamsburg. Dance class.
  • Wednesday June 14, 2017: Gym,  Elliptical, bike HIIT, handstands
  • Tuesday June 13, 2017: Nada, rest
  • Monday June 12, 2017 – Gym, 25 minutes elliptical, dumb bell upper body workout, core, handstands.
  • Sunday June 11, 2017: Gym – 20 minutes elliptical cardio, 25 minutes stationary bike interval training, squats with light weight (working my way up), handstands
  • Saturday June 10, 2017: Bike ride with Larry, 15 miles through Haydenville and Williamsburg
  • Friday June 9, 2017: Bike ride 90 minutes through Westhampton.
  • Thursday June 8, 2017: Gym – 20 minutes elliptical aerobics, 25 minute HIIT bike sprints, light weight squats, handstands
  • Wednesday June 7, 2017: Walk to and around Florence playing fields
  • Tuesday June 6, 2017: Gym – Bicycle interval program, squats, handstands, core exercises
  • Monday June 5, 2017: Gym – 20 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes weight machines, handstands
  • Sunday June 4, 2017: Gym – 25 minutes elliptical, 35 minutes bike intervals, handstands
  • Sunday Nov 4, 2012: Bicing to Barceloneta via Paralel (4km); walking thru Old City, Ramblas to return (4km)
  • Monday Nov 5, 2012: Walking around with Ramon, Casa Batllo, Boqueria, apartment, Travesera,  Muntaner
  • Tuesday Nov 6, 2012: Walk to gym, workout, walk back
  • Wed Nov 7, 2012: Walking
  • Thursday Nov 8,2012: Walk/bike 10km, Gym
  • Friday Nov 9, 2012: Yoga, 2.5km walk
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Power of the clave

I went to JazzSi, the music club of Taller de la Musica in Barcelona, last night for Descarga Cubana (Cuban Download/Discharge).  I was pretty excited to have found this little club (that’s known to thousands of people) with live music every night – Flamenco, Blues, Rock, Salsa, Jazz – just a short walk from home. Free or low admission. St. Moritz beer for €2.50.  Friendly staff and bartenders and great music.

I arrived just on time – 20.30h (early for Barcelona) and found just a handful of people there, not surprising since almost everyone comes late. When I went to JazzSi for Jazz last week, it was empty when the music started. I was a little self conscious then as one of 5 audience members. But within a few minutes the small space was packed.  And the music was wonderful.

So last night I hurried down to Calle Requesens to be on time for the Descarga.  I grabbed one of the few chairs surrounding the small dance floor, with a perfect view of the stage. The guys started playing, a variety of Cuban styles. Outstanding! So cool with some Cuban friends of the band and a few Latinos and Spaniards grooving to the high quality sounds. There was one guy, a traveler of sorts with his small back pack still in place, who installed himself right next to me and was lost in his nonstop, somewhat eccentric moves. But he was OK.

“Man, I am going to enjoy this evening”, I thought – seconds before a group of about 30 young US students started filing in with their tour guide leader, complete with back packs and shoulder bags. Now, the space of JazzSi is limited. When you put a bunch of people standing like sticks on the dance floor right in front of you it changes the view and the experience. Whoa, from authentic to tourist venue in three minutes. I’m barely in charge of any of my emotions and the irritation, disappointment, and resentment that surged into my consciousness weren’t negotiating with my more rational self. “Why don’t they go look at something Gaudi or find some nice Flamenco on the Ramblas? Eat some tapas.” I silently fumed.

But then I noticed that the band and their Cuban friends didn’t seem to mind at all. Some of the kids were trying to move, at least while they weren’t documenting their cross-cultural experience by adding to their iPhone foto albums. One of the Cuban guys, a huge, charismatic man who had been joking with me earlier about a couple of the songs, started pulling the girls onto the dance floor (as Cubans do – not to over generalize), insisting they knew how to dance and just needed to do it. The band was eating it up, heating up. Someone’s girlfriend (who had no trouble at all moving) got everyone into lines for cha-cha. A few dancers were claiming small ovals for some salsa moves.

By this time I had abandoned my persona of listener, given up my choice seat, grabbed a second St. Mortiz, and joined the packed dance floor. Clave vs. irritation: my negativity had no chance. All was well again.

How to have a good time: listen to the music, appreciate the moment.

Tonight is Flamenco. I’m looking forward to it.

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Would Republicans cut the minimum wage?

In his state of the union speech President Obama called for increasing the federal minimum wage. The Republicans say that’s a bad idea because it would kill jobs. They say this without offering any evidence or data to backup the claim. In fact, most data indicate that increasing the minimum wage has no impact or a very slight negative impact on job creation. There may even be positive effects like improved worker retention, increased demand, and economic stimulus.

But let’s give the Republicans a chance to complete their argument. I’d like to ask them several questions.

  • Can you point to any studies or data you have used that support your position that the minimum wage should not be raised?
  • How have you determined what the minimum wage should be?
  • Is the current minimum wage, $7.25 per hour since 2009, at just the right point?
  • If it is just right, please explain how that happened. Since 2009 we’ve had persistent unemployment, a banking crisis, increased inequality of income and wealth, off shoring of millions of jobs, and large structural changes in the economy.
  • If increasing the minimum wage kills jobs, would decreasing it lead to the creation of more jobs?
  • If $7.25 is not the perfect minimum wage should it be lowered, presumably to encourage job creation?
  • Does a minimum minimum wage exist or should it be allowed to fall to as low as it will go?
  • Is it OK for profitable companies to pay workers so little that people working full time must live in poverty. Is that OK even if the company’s executives and shareholders are raking in the bucks?

If any of the Republican leaders or any Republican at all reads my blog, please respond.

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Obama’s ‘Moneyball’ campaign

In today’s Washington Post opinion page Marc A. Thiessen says that Obama and his campaign team used technology much more effectively than Mitt Romney and his staff did.

But in the article he writes: “And letting a community organizer run a more precise, data-driven, metrics-based campaign than a Bain Capital executive is incomprehensible”

Mr. Thiessen, why do you assume the executive should do better?

Because Bain capital executives make more money than community organizers? I think we should realize by now that high income does not guarantee competence, or even intelligence.

Because CEO’s understand metrics better than other people? Obviously not, in this case.

Because technology is better understood, appreciated, and used by business people than by more humanistically oriented people? Well, the executive and his team did not even test their metrics system before putting it ‘into production’ – that is using it in the election. Every (almost) first year programming student knows the importance of testing. But the executive’s system crashed and was riddled with errors, while the community organizer’s ran brilliantly!

I’ll try and answer my own ‘why’. I think you are guilty of not thinking, of letting your bias toward capitalism impede you ability to be objective, and of being a victim of the ‘private is good and efficient; public is bad and inefficient’ myth that has infiltrated the assumptions of too many people.

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Fitness Activity Log

  • Monday June 5, 2017 – Gym: 20 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes weight machines, handstands
  • Sunday Nov 4, 2012 – Bicing to Barceloneta via Paralel (4km); walking thru Old City, Ramblas to return (4km)
  • Monday Nov 5, 2012 – Walking around with Ramon, Casa Batllo, Boqueria, apartment, Travesera y  Muntaner
  • Tuesday Nov 6, 2012 – Walk to gym, workout, walk back
  • Wed Nov 7, 2012 – Walking
  • Thursday Nov 8,2012 – Walk/bike 10km, Gym
  • Friday Nov 9, 2012 – Yoga, 2.5km walk
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Bureaucracies of the world; episode two

Last week I went to the Social Security Administration office to request a reduction in my Medicare premium. I forgot to bring anything to read, so I entertained myself by making these notes:

Tuesday June 19th, 2012

10:39 – I take #45, the next number to be called, from the dispenser machine . There are two windows staffed by social security employees.  Both windows are occupied, with clients providing detailed descriptions of their requests and experiences.

10:49 – I am called to Window 1

11:52 – After explaining my request to the agent at Window 1 I sit down again and wait to be called for the next step in the process. I am awaiting entrance to a large room with a locked door, staffed by two security officers who are inside sitting on chairs and chatting. No one has entered or left the locked room since my arrival.

11:52 – The folks at Window 2 complete their explanation; Window 2 is now free.

11:54 – A man drops off a document at Window 1.

11:55 – The man who preceded me at Window 1, #44,  is called into the locked room by a large woman in a yellow dress.

11:55 – #46, a woman I happen to know, is called to W1.

11:58 – #46 is done at W1; I say hello as she is leaving and we chat about the complexities of Medicare and the health insurance system

12:00 – #47 is called to W1. I realize I am experiencing a social/economic/political/cultural phenomenon.

12:02 – The security guys continue chatting

12:03 – I notice W2 is now dark. I realize the person I heard leaving for lunch a few minutes ago must have been staffing W2. I worry that everyone will go to lunch and my wait will be longer.

12:07 –  A man with a cane leaves the locked room. I get the feeling there is little incentive to work quickly of efficiently, although all workers seem pleasant and polite.

12:07 – I notice through the window into the locked room that #44 is still seated at the desk of the woman  in the yellow dress.

12:09 – #47 leaves W1 and the office

12:10 – A person arrives, takes ticket #48, and is immediately called to W1.

12:11 – A woman arrives and takes ticket #49.

12:14 – Another worker walks by the window of the locked room with a folder (my folder?) in his hands. My hopes soar.

12:15 – A woman in blue passes by the window, heading in the direction of W1. Going to get my paperwork?

12:20 – The woman in blue calls my name; I enter the locked room and sit at her desk. She says her name is Ellen. She takes a few minutes to log into her computer while we share humorous comments about the unresponsiveness of systems.  She is pleasant and asks me a few questions. She goes to get come additional information and/or forms.

12:22 – I run out to feed the meter. Optimistic, I add 30 minutes.  I return, following two 30+ men dressed in khaki pants and golf like shirts, carrying lunch takeout.  They enter the large room via a combination lock door. The security agents let me reenter through the other door.

12:31 – As I await the Ellen’s return, I notice the security guard post is unoccupied. I think it is strange that both have left, but then notice that one is walking around in the waiting room. I continue to sit at the desk and wonder if I am being video recorded.

12:37 – Ellen returns. In a few more minutes we have completed the transaction – information provided, data entered, forms signed.

12:59 – I exit the locked room. I experience an awareness of gratitude for my good health and fortune, and leave the office with increased respect for the people working there.

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Cutting Edge Investment Strategy

I’m always seeing expert advice about how to make money in the stock market.

Some experts suggest looking for ‘value’ stocks. I was going to try that approach until I realized that it was not an approach at all. What else would you be looking for?

Stocks that pay a high dividend sounded attractive, but then that expert warned to avoid companies that might cut their dividend in the future. He did not reveal which companies would be cutting their dividends.

Another expert said to look for stocks with a low P/E (that is the ratio of the price of a share to the earnings per share). A low P/E, she claimed, was an indication that the stock was underpriced – cheap relative to shares of similar companies. But that sort of worried me. I don’t like to buy cheap oranges or cheap shoes. Frequently, those things are cheap because they are not as good. Couldn’t low P/E stocks be cheap for a similar reason?

A respected expert from Fidelity suggested buying shares of “rising blue chips — midsize companies that dominate their industries and have a global reach. They’re smaller than IBM …, but they’re blue chips in a lot of ways,” she says. I guess I’m getting this insider blue chip information before everyone else, so I can go ahead and buy some shares before all those other folks find out about this and the price increases. But wait; her recommendation is dated June 1 and it’s already June 12, so I’m too late.

I’m working hard these days not to get discouraged. So instead of despairing about finding a good stock picking strategy I can believe in, I decided to make up my own. I think it will work better with a catchy name so I call it *E (pronounced *E) investing.

Invest in companies that have stock symbols two letters long, ending in ’E’.

Before you say that is really dumb, think about it. One letter symbols are too insubstantial, and besides if a company has a one letter symbol it is probably already old and stodgy. Remember, we’re trying to make money here. Two letter symbols are easy to say, easy to remember, to include in investment columns, and in general have more panache. Once you are into three and four character symbols you’re lost in a symbol forest; there are just too many combinations for a scheme like mine to work with 3 or 4 characters. As for the ‘E’ requirement, that is a bit arbitrary, but anything ending in E sounds good.

So here is the list:

  • AE – Adams Resources and Energy Inc. – $29.00
  • CE – Celanese Corp – $37.96
  • DE – Deere and Co – $73.84
  • EE – El Paso Electric Co – $31.82
  • FE – FirstEnergy Corp – $47.62
  • GE – General Electric Company – $19.44
  • HE – Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. – $28.22
  • JE – Just Energy Group Inc. – $11.04
  • NE – Noble Corp – $31.49
  • RE – Everest Re Group Ltd – $102.94
  • SE – Spectra Energy Corp – $27.98
  • TE – TECO Energy – $17.83
  • VE – Veolia Environment – $11.07

I’m going to sell my old ‘sinking blue chips’ (like IBM) and invest $10,000 in each of these *E companies. You can do the same, or check back later to see if you missed the boat.

(The writer is in no way qualified to provide investment advice. The contents of this blog post can not in any way be considered sound advice.)

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